Collaborators, Consultants & Advisors

Advisors & Consultants in past and ongoing projects

The firm also has long standing collaborations with domain experts in the field of geo technology, geology, structural engineering, lighting design, graphic design, signage, HVAC and services, electrical, acoustic engineering and theatre design as well as historic landscapes, historic interior, furniture restoration, restoration of wall paintings and material conservation.


Dr. Michael O Connor
Expertise in Historic Structures
Dr. T.N.Singh, Earth Science Dept. IIT Bombay
Geotechnical Expertise
Er. Arup Sarbadhikary
Historic Rehab Expert
Mr. Anupam Sah
Expert in Materials & Painting Conservation
Mr. Sanjay Dhar
Expert in Art Conservation
Dr. Elizabeth White
Expertise in Historic Interiors & Furniture
Ar. Kanchan Puri Shetty
Lighting Design Specialist
Dr. Priyaleen Singh
Landscape Conservation Expert
Dr. A.P. Jamkhedkar
Archaeologist & Expert on Ancient Sites
Vikas Joshi & Associates
Electrical, HVAC & Plumbing Consultants
Dr. Walter Spink
Mr. Ajit Jhaveri
Acoustic & Theatre Consultant
Asavari Honavar
Signage & Graphics